Civil Master Group (CMG)

has been founded for more than 20 years, based on the core values of synergy, integrity, diversity, and commitment.

In 1995, the very first company, Civil Master, established a fundamental core business for the whole group.

Today, CMG, which comprises of 14 companies, has expanded its coverage to multiple areas of both Government Sector’s infrastructure and Private Sector’s Development.The Country’s Cutting Edge Construction, Infrastructure, 6-star hotels and resorts, Fashionable designed Shopping Malls, Modern Industrial estates, or Sport, Leisure and Recreational Compounds are inclusive in our Portfolio.

The ability to address any changes in construction and civil engineering industry, new trends, innovative solutions, diversity of markets, and development of human resources has resulted in the companies to growing far beyond their first goals.

Whilst the world of construction is changing, so is CMG.
Business as usual may mean the highest quality of products and services, but those are no longer sufficient. Facing with Intensive competition, numerous obstacles, fast pacing of complicated and advanced technology, CMG handles them by proactively addressing such challenges.

The exponent on how CMG plays a significant role in Thailand’s construction and civil engineering industry also counts on the pragmatic methods and convergence of all companies in the group.

CMG has transformed through all these years, adapted to the demands of a changing world, and soared to cope with challenges. More than 20 years and counting, CMG looks toward a future, brightly with possibility.

Advancing Together

Civil Master Group (CMG) comprises of

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